Sunday, February 13, 2011

No Expense- Only Valentine

I am seeing a lot of advices everywhere about where you need to spend your eve (High end restaurant, pubs and fine dine) or what you must gift (read diamond,platinum,gold rings,studs,bracelet etc). Funny enough!!!
But guys have you wondered to gift someting to your beloved without going dear to your pocket? But love is guareenteed in return. Check out these tips:
1. Make a notebook with a scribbling of memorable days on one side while attaching meaningful objects on other side of page.
eg: You kissed him/her write on one side and bandaid on otherside (depicting  soothing heal of heart)
2. Make some crafts by your own
3. Prepare some meal together
4. Go for a ride to some serene place out of crowd
5. Make collages of moment's snaps and give some code language to it.
Go on with these ideas to win a lovely time.

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