Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Print ‘Success’ with Newspaper

Prominent, effective and still one of the most dependable advertising media is newspaper. Newspaper advertisement has evolved with time. Nowadays with target oriented sections available, advertising in print media is more concise and reliable.

However, with the introduction of new age media and internet advertisement platform, today advertising in newspaper needs to be strategic and planned carefully. Determining the client’s objective and target audience is utmost important step while devising the Advertisement plan. While advertising in national level newspaper can promote to a larger section, advertisement in tabloid may reach focus reader groups more effectively. Also the determining factors might be the products/service category, ad size, campaign duration and cost.

iMedia Disha Pvt. Ltd. is an integrated media solution provider having unparallel expertise in Print Media. Utilizing our speciality in the newspaper domain, we at iMedia Disha have provided excellent advertising solution for our clients in eminent newspapers, magazines and tabloids. With iMedia Disha’s insight and network, we ensure our clients best ROI. We have advertisement solution that can cater your requirement without compromising on quality or for the matter of fact your budget. Our expertise lies in conceptualising the right approach and best in class network right from national dailies to regional news papers. Our innovative media packages, budget calculators, demographical audience knowledge are the differentiators that set us apart from rest.

The significant rise of brand promotion, collaborative initiatives and innovative advertisement solutions in newspaper, iMedia Disha has tapped immense scope in maximising the reach and effective response. With newspaper Ads taking a good round, it’s the right time to invest in this media with expert guidance. And when it’s about media…there’s no one better than iMedia Disha. 
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