Friday, July 1, 2011

Gain Facebook Fan

Unanimously Facebook the most thriving and popular social media platform is just getting bigger each day. And where there is population there is brands fighting to get the spot light. However, unlike other social media platform, getting noticed in Facebook is not that tough compared to getting loyalist of your brand. Exactly, here comes the need of smart promotion.
For the matter of fact, facebook itself has developed the concept of fan page to encourage branding activities and acquire audiences or “Fan” as normally the term is. I would like to share few points on achieving a fan base easily and steadily (And most of the time it is FREE !!! )
Short Term Goal: If your goal is to achieve huge fan base like 100000 Facebook fans in 1 month time….well it is possible but expensive.
  • Firstly a good attractive landing page is required which will trigger interest in your target fan base. (based on age, locality and interest)
  • Go for rigorous Facebook Adverts. Interesting and visually exciting ads will act as a magnet and bring genuine fans in your page
  • Provide lucrative offers and gifts because everyone love goodies specially if it’s free
  • Viral marketing is good option to gain short term goal however one must be very cautious since Face book terms and conditions keeps on changing and strictly one should abide them.
Long Term Goal: If you plan to achieve consistently fans in your facebook fan page then read on :
  • Attractive landing page is must. Better if the landing page offers some free goodies to fans joining your facebook page.
  • Constant interaction with fans is must. Every questions and queries must be answered
  • Trigger interest by asking about their interest
  • Go for competition and tournaments in your page
  • From time to time bring in your brand as a topic of discussion
  • Upload videos and photos of your organisation
  • And last but not the least ppc helps. Club with good facebook PPC adverts…it really helps.
Go ahead and build an effective fan base for your facebook page.

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